• Play Games. Save Oceans.

Why Ocean Family Games?

Our oceans are at risk. Ocean Family Games, Inc. was founded with a mission to create ocean-themed family games that educate you on the importance of the oceans, share how to protect them, and promote healthy family interactions so that, together, we can preserve the oceans for generations to come.

Key Features and Benefits:

Excellent addition to STEM activities

Interact via QR codes that direct you to the OCEARCH Shark Tracker™ 

10% of proceeds go directly to OCEARCH’s research expeditions and STEM programs

Environmentally friendly

*Ocean Family Games is dedicated to protecting the ocean by manufacturing our products with 100% recyclable materials.

Join Us As We Follow...

SHARKS!  That's right directly below, you can track some of our favorite OCEARCH tagged sharks on Twitter! 

“These cards are thoughtfully created, adorable, and super informative.  You should have heard me gushing over the OCEARCH tagged sharks each time I turned over a face card. I loved the inclusion of the shark tooth identification card, as it’s always great to learn about sharks while having fun.”

Lisa Crawford, Collaborating scientist with OCEARCH and PhD student, Stony Brook University

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