Your Ultimate Guide to At Home Activities, Experiments, Virtual Tours, Academic Resources and More!

Once it sank in that we would be spending a lot of top quality time with our children over the course of the next several weeks, I decided to consolidate my favorite at home activities, experiments, virtual tours, and academic resources being shared on the World Wide Web. There is enough information here to complete one activity a day for an entire year (hoping we don't have to go this route). So, pick out your favorites and enjoy your time together with your little ones.

Stay safe,

Katharine Baumgartner

President, Ocean Family Games

Activities & Experiments

 43 Awesome Rock Painting Ideas and Activities for Kids - Paint rocks, leave them around your neighborhood, and bring a smile to children's faces throughout the community.

Fire Breathing Paper Roll Dragon Craft - Great way to use those toilet paper rolls that are in such high demand!

 Rainbow Walking Water - This just looks cool...and it's easy!


 Virtual Tours

Field Trips (animals, US history, US landmarks, US national parks, museums, around the world, and space)

U.S. National Parks by Google




Scholastic - Learn at Home

Literacy Resources - Read-Alouds, Sing-Alongs, and More!

Nat Geo For Kids - Learn about geography and animals!

Fun Brain - Play games while practicing math and reading skills!

Highlights Kids - Read, play games, and conduct science experiments!

Carolina Biological - Science Resources for Learning at Home Grades K-8

NOAA - Activities and Resources for Kids!

Ocean Family Games - Sign up for the newsletter and receive free shark tooth identification and shark anatomy games for children of all ages!

Resources From Our Proud Partners

The Monterey Bay Aquarium - Live Animal Web Cam

OCEARCH - STEM Curriculum

Speaking With Your Kids About Coronavirus Disease 2019

 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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