OCEARCH™ Shark Playing Cards - 1st Edition

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OCEARCH Shark Playing Cards, 1st Edition

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Makayla Reeves

OCEARCH™ Shark Playing Cards - 1st Edition

Ileen Sloan
I collect card games and love Shark Week

When I came across your card game on Osearch Shark Tracker (didn’t realize there was a store) I was excited!! My two favorite things put together in one. I like to track them. So excited Shark Week is next week. Took time off. Normally, I get a cake and put some info out here at work. I have admirers here that love to look at the stuff. I even hand make a viewing schedule when ever Discovery puts put a list. I will pass your business cards along to folks who have little ones and grand kids so parents can watch with them. Good quality of life and education I’ll show off your game cards too. So informative, and nicely done. One can tell lots of thought went into those cards.

Thank you!!!

Theresa Humlhanz
Great products

Shipped fast, quality products

Amy Roberts
Grandkids will Love It!

So happy to have found this for our budding ocean lovers. I'm looking forward to their reaction and interaction with these products.

Elaine Snyder
Please with this purchase!

I ordered the shark identification playing card decks, the children's book, and the Shark tooth Christmas cards. All are superior quality and educational. I am impressed on many levels: as a public school teacher, a former SCUBA instructor, and a grandmother, I am excited to share these with my grandsons and my students. I love the connection they can make with actual sharks through use of the QR codes on the decks. I love how the children's book portrays the sharks as necessary and interesting creatures in our environment and not terrifying monsters of the sea. Oh, and the Christmas cards are cute, clever, and printed on quality card stock. Well done! I will purchase again!

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